About Top UK Gambling Sites

The team at Top UK Gambling Sites has a lot experience behind them, this includes working directly with Gambling providers in the industry. Our aim is to provide you extensive range of the best online gambling sites, guides, reviews and advice, to ensure your knowledge of the industry perks as well as it’s risks are clearly understood.

About The Team

The Top UK Gambling sites team is eagerly focused on sourcing, testing, and reviewing the best online casinos. Having a background in gambling as players, we like to believe we understand exactly what it is you’re looking for and want. Thus, you can find the easiest user interface, providing the best gambling sites.

Our team includes designers, developers, testers and mathematicians. To that, we also have a quality team to look after the website’s interface and quality of the games we are providing. Our team members have excellent knowledge and experience which they have grabbed from the world’s best gambling sites. We are well aware of our technology and can spot the best casinos or games for our customers.

How Do We Decide Our Ratings?

One thing we do better than most here at which casinos is taking pride for judging all online casinos fairly and with transparency. Which casinos reviews, tests and rates following 100% visibility in being fair and honest. We merely look for the games, user feedback, security, payment methods, account bonuses and more to decide which casinos it is, that should be recommend to our customers.

In market which has seen many cowboys come and go, we understand our reputation stands as an independent casino reviewer which will always be maintained by us. That’s why we promote the best casinos and games around and will continue to do so for your ease of mind.

Top UK Gambling Sites and Responsible Gaming

Ensuring you start off great, there’s a number of areas we think each new player should understand when choosing to gamble online and knowing which are the best gambling sites.

At which casinos we advise you to follow the rules mentioned below:-

Take your time before playing a game to fully understand it.
Never bet more than you can afford to lose
Set your budget and try to hold on to it.
Quit while you’re ahead.
Do not chase your losses.
Do not play under the influence of alcohol or any kind of prescription drugs.
Do not play a game if you don’t have any knowledge about the bid requirements.
If you follow the above rules, you’ll always find yourself having fun each time, always gamble what you can afford, and never chase for losses, this will always ensure you’re safe from losing more than you can afford.

UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission is the authority which processes authorization for all the online casinos. You can find several guides and tools on their website that will help you to remain safe while playing the games. You can also find your rights and authorization details as a customer.


Our organization provides confidential help and support to the gamblers having issues. Also, the casinos promoted by us have responsible gaming controls. These controls can help you to self-exclude your account for a particular period of time or to set your deposit limits. We suggest you to get familiar on these controls so that you will not face any problem in future while playing a game.

For more information on self-excluding from gaming, please visit our GamStop page.

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